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A Hit and a Diss.
Posted By: Hannah Yankasky on 3/22/2012
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Rihanna has been the it girl for the news this week and that in itself is no news, because whether you love her or hate her, you will hear everything about her.

But there are some people who are tired of hearing about her, and they are some from some people who think they are not being heard enough. Motley Crew and KISS announced this week they are going on tour together soon, and decided to slam the competition as they did. They accused pop stars but only named Ri, of lip-syncing, and called them “karaoke singers.” While I’m pretty sure Ri is too busy on top of the world to notice what the legendary rockers have said about her, I hope she takes a lesson. These guys know how to stay in the business and if Ri has any hope, she’ll bring what they asked for: authenticity. I am not taking sides of if she lip syncs or not, however it is valid concern when many pop stars like Britney and Ashlee Simpson have been found of doing so. Here is what the rockers had to say:

Gene Simmons:

. "The guys you see on stage are playing their instruments. No fake bullsh*t. Leave that to the Rihanna.”

And of course loud mouthed Tommy Lee had some of his own words as well, surprise surprise: “We're in a slump for some shit that has some personality and appeal beyond a bunch of pop stuff that's floating around out there,"… that is just a little bit better than 'American Idol…It’s all completely watered down.”

I think in today’s very diverse music world, some people feel like they are the underdog, and don’t see them winning anytime soon. I think these guys may be slightly bitter but they have some valid points as well, that the sugarcoated stuff is more popular than what it truly real..but I think in the end everything comes to light, and we will see who is reining then! J

Switching wavelengths here a bit… Rihanna teased fans this week by talking of her new fashion line. Now here is something Rihanna would be good at and it could redeem her status or give her very anti fans something to cheer about, because even if you don’t agree with her LIFE style, you can’t deny that, that woman HAS style. Rihanna had a mini collection with Armani and is in the works of full blown fashion line. Why jumping on the boat so late Ri? She says that she wants the line to be genuine, and doesn’t want people to buy it because it hers, but that she is working with designers and company she loves and respects to help bring out the perfect collection. And I cannot wait to see what this wild child of wardrobe has to offer us.

I think this was inevitable for Rihanna to take this path and I support. Maybe a venue where we don’t have to hear her voice and see her face will be best. We all need a break from Rihanna but we never want to take a break from her awesome outfits.

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