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Bears Dissed In Preseason Rankings, Falcons Head Falls Off
Posted By: Dave Wolf on 9/11/2011
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It seems like there are just some teams that get overlooked from the national media.  The Bears have to be on top of that list.  I think the Bears are still seen as a lucky team, because of how they used to win games back when they didn't have a offense.  You would think that going 11-5 last year and winning their division and having a year of experience in Mike Martz system that the media would of given them some respect and pick them as an elite team.  Not a chance.  Outside of Chicago I haven't heard one person say that the Bears were even in the top four teams in the NFC.  The current ESPN Power Rankings have the Bears 13th in the NFL.  Teams like the Texans, Charges and Buccaneers are getting more love than a team that barely missed the Super Bowl last year.  

The Bears don't get down about it, they are a group of veterans and they know what they are capable of.  It really seems to work to their advantage, it adds fuel to their fire.  They went out the first game and absolutely destroyed an “elite” Falcons team 30-12.  The Bears really looked solid in all areas.  The defensive line made the Falcons line look like a bad college team.  The Bears put so much pressure on the quarterback that they really couldn't do anything.  Urlacher and Peppers really dominated the whole game.  The offensive line actually looked good at times.  They still had some break downs but it was a huge improvement from last season.  I was really impressed with the receivers, I can't remember anyone dropping a single ball.  Roy Williams even looked good.  If they play like this the rest of the season, they can beat anyone.

Are they going to get some respect now?  Probably not, maybe if they can beat an “elite” Saints team next week.  If they play like they did today, I don't see it being a problem.  
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