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Fox Broadcasts Repeat of 2010 NFC Title Game by Mistake
Posted By: Dave Wolf on 9/26/2011
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It seemed like deja vu, was I really watching the 2010 NFC championship game again?  The Packers go up 14-0 to start the game and the Bears make some great plays to make it interesting.  Right when you thought the Bears were making a stand and getting some momentum, they do something stupid like miss a wide open pass or throw a interception.  What is going on with our Bears?

After starting the season off with a bang by beating a really good Falcons team, the Bears really look like they have fallen apart over the last two games.  I thought they had a chance to get back to the NFC championship game, now I'm not so sure what to think.  Let's think positive here, the offensive line looked pretty good on pass protection and the defensive was consistent.  Those were the two factors that kept them in the game.  They lost because they couldn't establish any type of running game.  13 yards of rushing for the entire game!  I wouldn't think that was even possible if I didn't see the game.  There is no way your gong to win a NFL football game if you can't rush more than 13 yards.  The passing game wasn't much better, receivers were dropping wide open passes and Jay Culter had some really bad throws.  The offense really couldn't put together to many drives to rest the defense.  All of this and they only lost by 10.

So Bears fans, who do you blame and can it be fixed?  The blame needs to be spread around.  The offensive line isn't run blocking,  the receivers aren't getting open and catching balls and the coaches are being out coached.  The Bears are very far from being a great team.  As seen in the first week they have a lot of potential.  It's really going to help them to start playing some easier teams.  It could really boost your confidence and help the overall moral.  I'm hoping that this is what happens next week when the Bears play the Panthers at home.   

Stay positive Bears fans.  It's very early in the season and lets believe that the Bears will be able to correct their issues and turn this into a very successful season.  I'm a believer and I know they will get these issues solved.
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