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NFL Playoff Team Power Rankings
Posted By: Alex Harris on 11/16/2011
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1.      Green Bay Packers – This team is head and shoulders better than any other team in football right now.

2.      San Francisco 49ers – A lot of people still don’t fully believe in this team, including myself, however, they are extremely well coached and have beaten good teams.

3.      New Orleans Saints – A couple of head scratching losses to St. Louis and Tampa Bay, but Drew Brees and that offense are deadly.

4.      Chicago Bears – Firing on all cylinders right now and have excelled through a very difficult schedule.

5.      New York Giants – Eli Manning has proven he is an elite quarterback and that pass rush can beat any team.

6.      Baltimore Ravens – Extremely inconsistent, but did beat the Steelers twice. They need to get Rice more carries

7.      Pittsburgh Steelers – Have proven their defense is still for real, but two losses to the Ravens bring them down to 7th.

8.      New England Patriots – This team has a lot of holes, especially on defense, but you cannot write off any team with Tom Brady at the helm.

9.      Houston Texans – Would have been much higher if Schaub wasn’t out for the year, but this team can flat out run the football and the defense is playing very well.

10.  Cincinnati Bengals – Showed they are for real with an impressive performance in Pittsburgh.

11.  Detroit Lions – The Bears exposed a lot of holes and without a running game it will be hard to beat good teams.

12.  New York Jets – They got completely out coached by Belichick on Sunday night, but that defense will keep them in games if Sanchez can step up.


A very impressive win for the Bears has vaulted them to the top of not only the NFC, but the NFL.  Who would have thought they would be ahead of the Lions after they lost that Monday night game in Detroit?  This team has gotten better and better as the year goes on.  A dominant performance on defense Sunday reminded everyone just how good of a unit they can be.  The Bears have come out of a very difficult
early season schedule with a 6-3 record and have a friendlier schedule for the remainder of the season.  Mike Martz is running a balanced attack, which has done a good job in covering up the
holes on the offensive line.  Cutler isn’t blowing anyone away with his stat lines, but his tough play is putting his team in the position to win game in and game out. The return of Earl Bennett has been a pleasant surprise as well. And obviously there is not enough you can say about the emergence of Matt Forte.  If this team continues to play the way they are, making a return to the NFC championship game is in reach; unlike how everyone felt after losing 24-13 to Detroit on October 10th.
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