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Season Preview: How the Bears Can Beat the Packers
Posted By: Dave Wolf on 9/6/2011
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Another Bears season is upon us and our expectations haven't been higher. The team is coming off a great season last year where they barely missed the Super Bowl. The roster looks just as good if not better with key additions Roy Williams, Marion Barber and Brandon Meriweather. The offensive line has even looked good in preseason games. Jay Cutler looks fit and has seemed to improve his decision making. All good right? Not so fast, not everything has gone so smoothly this preseason. 

It's been a very interesting preseason. It first started when the Bears didn't resign ex pro bowler Olin Kreutz. It was really strange how that whole thing unfolded. In the end the Bears got rid of their consistent leader of the offensive line since 1998. I think it will be a good thing since the offense line sucked last year. It really couldn't get much worse than it was.

Another off field distraction was when the Bears had to cancel their annual FanFest because the field wasn't in good shape. Talk about a nightmare for the fans and a huge embarrassment for the organization. Someone please water the grass!

We also have seen some interesting contract disputes. Matt Forte is looking for a new contract which he really deserves, he is still on this rookie one. He has been the most consistent offensive player for the last few years and he is making peanuts when compared to other good running backs. Hopefully the Bears and Matt can work this out before it starts to become a problem. Running backs don't last very long in the NFL so you need to make your money while you can. 

On the other hand Lance Briggs is really acting like a baby again. He is a great player but what he is asking for is really unfair. He signed a six-year $36 million contract three years ago, where he was making most of the money upfront. He is making less now than he made in those first three years, so he is freaking out and causing a distraction. The Bears have turned him down and now he wants a trade. The Bears made the right decision, you don't let a guy make contract demands when he is in the middle of his contract. You need to set a tone for the organization, you don't want other players to follow his lead.

What has to happen for the Bears to actually have a successful season and knock off the Packers? 

The offensive line needs to block

The Bears gave up the most sacks last year. They need to give Jay Cutler more time to find his receivers. Jay has proven that if given time he will someone open, usually for a bunch of yards. It will also give Matt Forte and Marion Barber lanes to run through.  If the running game is going then it will really open up the passing game. This was probably the biggest issue with the team last year.

Matt Forte and Lance Briggs can't be a distraction

Hopefully the Bears take care of Forte soon. He is worth a lot more than he is being paid and I can't see the Bears going anywhere without him in the lineup. If they don't I can really see this being a issue. 

Lance Briggs is not getting a different contract and the Bears aren't going to trade him. This might be a big issue. I would hate to see him out of the lineup but he might just stop caring. The Bears might have to bench him if he isn’t performing. This is something to keep an eye on. Briggs is a big part of what the Bears do and they need him happy and health to get past the Packers.

Roy Williams needs to step up and be the #1 receiver

The Bears haven't had a really talented receiver for a long time. Roy Williams has potential to be this guy but he needs to stay focus and Catch The Ball! I'm a little worried that this experiment might not work. He is already getting angry at reports when they ask him why he is not catching passes. I'm hopeful about this but I think it might not work out. I would love to see Roy step up and be a big time target for Jay Cutler.

Key players need to stay healthy

This is no shock, the Bears have to stay healthy. Nothing kills a team more than injury's. 

I truly believe that if these things happen that the Bears can beat the Packers and go to the Superbowl this year. My prediction is a 10-6 record with a deep run into the playoffs. We are going to see very fast what they are made of, first game against the very good Atlanta Falcons.  
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