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"When it's three o'clock in New York, it's still 1938 in London."
Posted By: Alex Harris on 10/21/2011
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Which Chicago Bears team will show up this Sunday in England? Will it be the team that spread the ball around, protected Jay Cutler and held Adrian Peterson to 39 yards or will it be the team that cannot protect the quarterback or tackle on defense? Sunday night’s win was a great showing both offensively and defensively. It was the first game, where both the offense and defense played up to their potential that we have seen thus far from Chicago. The Bears will look to build on this as they take the long trip across the Atlantic. I have never been a supporter of playing in London, though. Globalization is a great thing for professional sports, however making this long trip in the middle of the season is absurd. Nevertheless, both teams must deal with the same circumstances so there are no excuses.

Both of these teams are coming off impressive wins and are in similar circumstances with this being a must win to stay relevant in their respective divisions. The Buccaneers look to stay atop an extremely competitive NFC South division that will likely come down to the wire, meanwhile the Bears look to keep up with Lions. With the Green Bay Packers looking like the obvious best team in football, Chicago must keep winning to fight for a wild card berth in a very tough and balanced NFC.

Along the lines of which Bears team will show up, which Mike Martz will take the trip to London? The Martz who throws the ball 40 times a game, while not worrying about protecting his quarterback, or the one who runs a balanced attack and protects Cutler? I have never been a proponent of Martz and have
always thought he was a product of great players. Great players make great coaches and after being the offensive coordinator of the greatest show on turf, he was deemed an offensive genius. Anyone could have done a great job coaching possibly four future hall of famers. At the beginning of the season he did an atrocious job with the offensive game plan, but recently has done a very encouraging job. It was great to see them max protect for Cutler against the Vikings and you got to see what Jay can do if he gets the time. I thought that he completely dominated the game plan and had the Vikings defense on their
heels the whole game. Martz needs to swallow his pride and continue to line up two tight ends, run the ball and in turn run play action.

 This game will certainly be a telling point of what we will see for the rest of the year. A win will really point this team in the right direction, especially against what looks to be a playoff team in Tampa Bay. A loss in the UK will be a crushing blow for a Bears team that can ill afford to go 3-4. If Chicago’s defense can hold Earnest Graham, like it did Peterson, than a 4-3 record is in the foreseeable future. Let’s look for another all-around balanced attack from Chicago this weekend in London.

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